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China Sourcing group established in New York City in 1912.
International company that specialized in premium gift products.
Shanghai office deals with procurement, vendor auditing , supplier management, quality auditing and shipping.

Analyze the challenges associated with new-product development.
New Product Development is an essential part of surviving competition in the global market scenario. With reference to above case, the new product development process is a time consuming activity due to various processes involved at multiple locations which are inter-dependent such as China Sourcing (USA and Shanghai office), Vendors, Design team, Marketing team and the customers i.e; the chain stores.
Any new product order placement requires various approval stages with context to approval of product design quotation, product prototype, packaging, final product, etc.
Delay in communication flow from the customer will lead to delay in dispatch of the final product. Major hurdle faced by the company was when the designer’s took inadequate time to dispatch the designs to the Shanghai office.
In a similar context in the past, Japan based Sanrio had a slow working procedure and their approval process is as long as 10 days which is a non controllable factor for the China Sourcing Group.
However, there is a need to minimize this major lacuna in the supply of information flow between customers and the design team / marketing team.
The need arises for a client servicing personnel to coordinate efficiently and effectively by understanding the needs of the customer and delegate and improvise the task with the design and artwork team along with marketing team.
The necessary execution of duties will minimize the time for every approval at a particular buyer organization with reference to above parameters.

Challenges faced by the company include when the product development schedule is stretched due to vendor’s delay.
Vendors need to be given specific...

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