China Unicom

China Unicom

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China Unicom Limited 中國聯通股份有限公司

Over the past three years, the Company has focused its efforts onstrategic transformation and reform of operating principles. The Company were able to strengthen and reinforce the new corporate identity as a broadband and multimedia service provider, paving the way for the Company’s rapid growth in the future. They believe that the Company can sustain growth as it follows the long-term vision.

The Opportunities

China’s Internet market continued to maintain a fast growth in 2008. According to China Internet Network Information Center, China added 73 million Internet users in 2008, reaching a total of 210 million by December 2008, up 53.3% from December 2007. The increasing use of Internet by all sectors of the public is accelerating and the number of younger, low-income and rural users also started to increase. People have become more reliant on Internet in their daily lives. Access to the Internet is increasingly regarded not as a luxury but a household necessity.

The Company also plans to deliver content and applications to user terminals of various types and offer quadruple-play multimedia and information services as it continues the execution of its strategic transformation into a broadband communications and multimedia services provider.

The Future

The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid and profound changes. It is hard for the traditional operational model to keep up with the fast growth in demand and the quick pace of technological innovation. They firmly believe that the only way to sustain growth and enhance value for shareholders is to deliver breakthrough innovation, embrace challenge proactively, and drive trends rather than following others.

Risks and risks management

Market risks are the risks of loss of financial instruments held or issued by them for non-trading purposes arising from adverse changes in market prices, including adverse charge in interest rates and foreign...

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