Chinese Agricultural Machinery Upgrade

Chinese Agricultural Machinery Upgrade

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Future development of agricultural modernization lies in mechanization. Accelerate the development of agricultural equipment are the greatest needs of the construction of modern agriculture, information technology is the only way to accelerate the development of agricultural equipment.

In recent years, the pace of development of agricultural mechanization of our country continues to accelerate and improve the quality of development, status and function continued to improve. Agriculture mechanization level does not completely measure out the level of scientific and technological content, mainly due to the technological content and technology content quality agricultural machinery agricultural machinery itself is not very high. At present, China's agricultural products mainly in the low-end products.

Demand determines production-oriented agricultural research. Rich in the United States, Canada and other countries, land resources, requires a lot of large-scale agricultural machinery, large holdings of large tractors. Japan is a country people will be less typical of large mountains, hills area, tractor ownership is still to small or medium size. When domestic backward agricultural machinery and equipment can not effectively meet the production needs of foreign high-end will be poured into the farm.

In addition, the majority of our economy is still small-scale crop cultivation, agricultural agronomic integration is not enough, the level of mechanization in crop production in key sectors, such as potatoes, sugar cane sowing machines, sugar cane, rapeseed, tea machine income, slow development constraints the full implementation of economic crop mechanization.

Agricultural machinery enterprises mainly rely on independent innovation. In addition to a few large domestic agricultural enterprises have a certain capability of independent innovation and research and development, most SMEs there are small-scale, R & D capability is weak, less competitive and other...

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