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chinese indonesian

How Chinese treated
Chinese Indonesian discrimination

You know scaring misfortune of 30 years period for Indonesian Chinese ?
Some Chinese say misfortune of 30 years period is coming in 2030.
What is 30 years period? How was that kinds of past?
Before you understand this periods, you should know about 8 main riot and slaughter concerning Chinese and Indonesian.

1 Song Hong River Affair, Oct.1740
In the latter of 1730, many Chinese Indonesian moved to live at Jakarta.
The Dutch East Indonesia Company was scared of peace of order.
So, in 1740 Company wanted to move a part of them to Sri Lanka.
But, this kind of rumor was happened around Chinese.
「you might be thrown out into the sea among shipping to Sri Lanka!! 」
So, they took place coup detare.
Then, Dutch and other European got panic and They Killed almost of all Chinese. After that, Song Hong River turned the clear color into deep red of blood

2 9/12 Affair, Sep.1942
Japanese army arrested a lot of Chinese and anti-Japanese organization.
In the total, about 2000 people were arrested and some of leader and executives were killed

3 Prohibition of living at farming village by Indonesian government, 1959~1960
Approximately, 136,000 Chinese forced to go back to China.

4 9/30 Affair, Sep.1965
This affair was to prevent Coup detatr by Suharto concerning collapse of Soekarno government. After, `Purge of the Reds’ was happened
Purge of the Reds is to arrest, expel and kill a Communist, and also Socialist.
Consequently, 1 million people were killed including Chinese and Indonesian Communist Party.
After that, on the side of education and culture, Indonesian government prohibit racial and language education in Chinese Indonesian School.
And, government abolished agreements of double nationality for Chinese

5 Indonesian government break off diplomatic relation with Chinese government perfectly, Oct.1967

6 Anti-Indonesian Chinese riot was happen in Bandung, 5~8 Aug,1973...

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