Introduction to Information System
Presentation By: Chetan Raikwar Faculty IIPS-DAVV, Indore

Information System A set of interrelated components that collects inputs , process and output data and information and provide feedback and control
An information system be any organized combination of people, hardware ,software ,communication network and data resources that collects, transform and deliver information to an organization.
Input, Processing, Output, Feedback/Control
INPUTS Gathering and capturing raw data
PROCESSING Converting or transforming data into useful outputs
OUTPUTS Producing useful information, usually in the form of documents.
Output that is used to make changes to input or processing activities

Information Systems
Management Challenges
Business Application s
Development Processes
Foundation Concepts
Information Technologies
Figure: The Framework outlines the major areas of Information systems knowledge needed by business professionals
• Foundation Concepts Fundamental concepts about the components and roles of information systems. • Information Technologies Major concepts, developments, and management issues in information technology.
• Business Applications The major uses of information systems for operations, management, and competitive advantage.
• Development Processes How business professionals and information specialists plan, develop, and implement information systems.
• Management Challenges The challenge of managing ethically and effectively.

• Hardware Resources – Computer systems – Peripherals
• Network Resources – Communication media – Network support
• Data Resources – Data versus Information
• People Resources – End Users – IS Specialists
• Software Resources – System software – Application software – Procedures

• Information Systems are being used in more areas, especial at the strategic level. • At the same time, Information Systems...