Choice Between Raising Funds for Primary Health or Primary Education

Choice Between Raising Funds for Primary Health or Primary Education

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Health and Education are the primary issues that are closely associated with the development of a country. Even Human Development Index (HDI) which is composition of life expectancy at birth, education and income takes into account these two primary issues of development, health and education. There always arises an argument in terms of prioritizing, whether health or education, seems to be a trade off between the two. It is required to make a choice between increasing funding for primary education or health with a justification for the choice made.

This essays attempts at accentuating issues, concerns between the two followed by analysis (Cost & Benefit) and making a choice. A poor state of health acts as a barrier in a child’s growth and development of body, there are cases of malnutrition, stunting, nutritional deficiencies with India ranked in top 5 regions after Africa, also, the highest number of children dying from diarrhoea below the age of 5 years are from India. The poor condition of health facilities is discernible from the mentioned facts. Raising funds for primary education will not be able to produce its desirable results until and unless a child is not in a good health, he/she will not be able to attend school, missing classes etc, whereas if a child is healthy enough it helps him/her to involve in the learning process quickly.

There is a dire need to make improvement in the primary health facilities especially in the area of water and sanitation. There is a lot of literature available for the improvement in this sector, though it is agreed that education is also a priority but at the cost of health not seems appropriate. Hence, it is required to increase funding for primary health.

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