Choka Enterprises

Choka Enterprises

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A short course work assignment: 25 %

The Assignment

CHOKA Enterprises is a marketing and distribution company that is engaged in providing exotic Caribbean products of high quality to persons in the diaspora that currently reside in North America and Europe. It sources products from a number of small manufacturers throughout the region .Quality of the product and reliability in the delivery times are two critical success factors. CHOKA has been using its website as it principal point of contact for its customers. CHOKA Enterprises were recently awarded a major contract to supply a major chain in Europe, Marks and Spencers. It is recognised that persons of Caribbean origin are a significant percentage of the population .This is in addition to the growing popularity of Caribbean food within Europe even to the extent where it can be seen as a major rival to Asian food. Higher levels of productivity by CHOKA suppliers are required in order to meet the price and response time requirements. You, as Marketing Manager, are expected to work closely with the Human Resource Managers of the main suppliers to develop a reward system that will enable greater reliability with respect to response time and assure quality and compliance with HACCAP requirements.

In no more than 800 words:
1.Outline the factors that CHOKA enterprises must consider in the design of such a reward system to ensure its success, i.e. to ensure that the programme is beneficial to both the employees and the supplier company and
2.Develop a proposal for consideration by the Board and Management of each company. In your proposal you should indicate:
1.Whether and why the Plan should be team based or individual based
2.The quantum of risk employees should be prepared to accept in their total package i.e. the quantum of incentive pay to total compensation
3.Whether incentive pay should fully replace traditional pay and the reasons for this recommendation
4.The criteria by which...

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