Choosing an Official Language for the United States

Choosing an Official Language for the United States

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Choosing an Official Language for the United States
Carolyn Lewis
ENG 122 English Compositions II
Kamille Stanton
1 October 2012

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The United States is known as an English speaking country, although English is the primary language used in the government. The United States has not designated English as its country’s official language. The United States is considered the melting pot with a mixture of people from many countries. It is the land of opportunity to all who come here.
There are many opinions on the topic of designating an official language. The voting public is divided with many thinking that the United States should remain language less, yet there are others who think that we should have more than one language. The complications of the decision of having an official language or not having one will be presented in this research. The results of this research paper will present aspects with English as the official language of the United States.
The financial ramifications of having or not having an official language will be examined during this research. Failure to agree on an official language is costing the economy more and more each day, and creates needless work and requirements that need to be complied with. The percentage of people over the age of five who speak English less than well has increased 175 percent. As a result the cost increase in hiring bilingual teachers, bilingual text-books, multi-language government sites, and the hiring of translators for every agency and department throughout the United States.
If English was designated as the official language of the United States it would mean that all official government business would be conducted in...

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