Chrildren and Television

Chrildren and Television

Children and Television

It has often been stated that today’s television programs have very little educational value, especially for today’s youth. This statement is true for several reasons. First, there is a lot of violence in most shows on television. Second, not many educational programs catch the attention of children. Finally, there is a lot of adult content on television that is not suitable for younger audiences.

Violence on television is a problem because our children are influenced by what they see on television. For instance, the show “Power Rangers” is a show about four teenagers who are fighting to protect the earth from evil monsters. Even though they’re fighting to protect the world, they do it violently. Next thing you know, your children are imitating what they have seen.

Another problem with television is that some shows with positive messages do not interest children. For example, the show “School House Rock” was a musical show to teach children how to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The songs were catchy, but the actual show was in black and white and children lost interest very quickly.

The final problem with television is the adult content and language. I say this because of a show called “South Park.” This show is about some children who get into trouble by swearing and making obscene gestures. This show is very inappropriate for children because, although it is a cartoon, it contains adult content.

In conclusion, television has a great impact on our children. If we as parents monitor what our children watch, we can keep the innocence our children have. So make the difference and monitor what your children watch. Be sure to protect your children from the inappropriate shows.

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