Chris Rock

Chris Rock

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Chris Rock

Chris Rock was born on Feb. 7. 1965 in Georgetown South Carolina. He lived in Andrews, South Carolina but the nearest hospital was in Georgetown. He had seven siblings. There was no crime or anything in Andrews and he population as 4000 people. His mother and father wanted a better life so they moved to New York City.

Their house as in a small neighborhood called he Bed Stay. Chris says that the streets of Bed Stay didn’t have a good reputation. There were unsuspecting youngsters, drug dealers, and gangs. The Rock family took in a lot of foster care children because the city would pay parents to take in children. Chris didn’t like high school because the prejudices against African Americans.

So he dropped out of high school and tried to proceed in his comedy career. He tried different nightclubs and finally found a club that would accept him. For the luck of Chris Lorne Michaels saw his show. After his show Lorne told Chris that he liked his show and asked him if he would like o be in his famous show SNL. In SNL he was most commonly know as he character Nat X.

Before Chris Rock left SNL Chris stared in a movie called “New Jack City” as a background person. After leaving SNL he stared in “I’m Gonna Get Sucka”. Finally Chris decided that he was going to go back in to the stand up comedy. First he scared in small downtown clubs and then went up. He made his audience laugh by his material about women, politics, and rappers.

Chris’s career kept going up. He signed a contract with DreamWorks Steven Spielberg’s entertainment
Company to make comedy videos. He also had late night TV shows called “Chris Rock Show”. Chris was in many movies, TV shows and host of different award shows. Finally it’s as time for Chris to settle down and get married. That’s exactly what he did he married to Malaak Compton. Chris Rock is still a comedian and in many movies...

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