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College Essay

During the midst of my essay topic searching, “being a fly on the wall” and observe a particular situation that immediately grasped my attention. I’ve always wanted to speak to someone who had been involved in the Civil Rights Movement, rather than using the usual primary sources. However, the thought of actually being there to witness the plights, struggles, and triumphs; the idea had never really crossed my mind. The People I mostly adore are those who took on leadership in the Civil Rights movement; leaders that included Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Al Sharpton, Marcus Gravey, and so on and so forth. All of these leaders withheld undeniable levels of self-discipline and determination. The character traits of the leaders involved in the Civil Rights Movement are traits in which I want to maintain in my own everyday life.

If I had the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” during the time of The Civil Rights
Movement, there would be plenty for me to observe, acknowledge, and learn from those who took on leadership of that specified time. I would be predominantly observant to those in the movement who had the inevitable ability to overcome the daily inconveniences in which they faced. I admired the way these leaders continued to fight against all inequalities in society of that time in despite of all of the violence and hate-crimes being acted upon them. The Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement continued to perpetuate a positive frame of reference. These are the type of people I look up to.

The leaders involved in the Civil Rights Movement did not take on violent approaches; instead they remained within character even when times got rough and people got ferocious. I admire the fact that they fought back in an optimistic way of protesting and making their voices heard rather than retaliating in ignorance and violence. Their ability to stay sanguine when the circumstances were way beyond chaotic is so amazing to me; these are the...

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