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Dear Family and Friends,

Today has been a precious and special day for all of us and I am sure that none of us here will ever forget the baptism of (INSERT NAME OF CHILD).

But, of course, it is ironic that today’s Christening is an event that (INSERT NAME OF CHILD) will never even remember.

None of us, as babies, can recall our own Christening services because, obviously, we’re far too young to remember. So I'm sure, on behalf of (INSERT NAME OF CHILD) that everybody else here today will one day tell them what a wonderful occasion it was.

It's been a special honour for me to be here today and I feel exceptionally fortunate to have been granted the unique privilege of acting God Mother / God Father, a role I must admit, I have always coveted.

I must also confess that a little part of me feels, having been involved so closely in today’s Baptism service, that somehow a special bond has been forged between (INSERT NAME OF CHILD) and myself. It's a bond I feel deeply in my heart.

I very much look forward to that loving link flourishing and strengthening in the months and years to come. To have been asked to conduct this special ceremony today by (INSERT NAME OF RELATION HERE) has been the biggest honour that has ever been bestowed to me. So, NAME, thank you so much for making my day!

I was deeply moved to have been asked to take on this special role, and so very delighted that I could accept and today welcome (INSERT NAME OF CHILD) not only into our own family but also into the Family of God and the Church.

Of course, I must admit that I am biased in thinking that today’s ceremony is something special, something extraordinary. Hundreds, if not thousands, of children are Christened every single day in this country. But, as far as I am concerned, (INSERT NAME OF CHILD) frankly, is far more gorgeous and special, clever and beautiful, adorable and wonderful than all the rest of them put together. But there's little old me...