Christianity essay

Christianity essay

Depth Study: Christianity

Significant People and Ideas

Explain the contribution to the development and expression of Christianity Pope John XXIII

Analyse the impact of Pope John XXIII on Christianity


Describe and explain Christian ethical teachings on something

Significant practices in the life of adherents

Describe Baptism within Christianity
* Baptism used in most Christian denominations
* Signifies initiation into the beliefs and practices of the Christian community
* Has significance as a statement of a person's beliefs in the Christian tradition Necessary element for salvation
* Baptism allows Christians to share in the death and resurrection of Christ Cleanses people from their sins
* The Salvation Army and The Society of Friends (Quakers) are examples of Christian groups which do not practice baptism
* For the majority of Christians today Baptism carried out when they were infants
* Common practice in the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity
* Parents and God parents make commitments on behalf of the child
* Agree to nurture the child in the Christian faith
* In other Christian groups such as the Baptist and Pentecostal Churches the baptism of infants is not accepted
* Members would be expected to choose to be baptised as adults having made their own decision to repent and be born again
* Idea of baptism stems from the sense of being immersed in water
* Symbolises being surrounded by and imbued with the beliefs and practices of the Christian community
* Ritual is usually carried out in the Church
* Often contained within or celebrated adjacent to the main form of Sunday worship
* Majority of baptisms celebrated in the Anglican and Catholic branches of Christianity involve the sprinkling or pouring of water on the head of the child
* In Orthodox Churches the child is immersed briefly in water on three occasions Adults who are baptised in...

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