Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
GCSE English literature

Questions to Stave three

1. In your own words, briefly summarise the events of Stave three.

Scrooge wakes up to the sound of the church clock that strikes one. Scrooge then waits for 15 minutes after a bright light had appeared and streamed down on him. Scrooge then runs in to the other room where he finds the second spirit waiting for him. The spirit takes scrooge to bob cratchit’s home where Mrs. Cracthit and the children prepare a Christmas goose. After, the spirit then takes scrooge to different Christmas gatherings. He takes scrooge to Fred’s Christmas party, scrooge has a fun entertaining time at the party but as the night goes by the ghost grows older. The spirit disappears as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

2. What does the ghost of Christmas Present symbolise? Think about the way he is dressed and his character.

The Ghost of Christmas Present serves as the central symbol of the Christmas ideal generosity, goodwill, and celebration.

3. How does Dickens portray Christmas? Think about the ghost and how he is presented.

4. Why does the ghost take Scrooge to see Bob Cratchit’s family

Scrooge wants to know whether Tiny Tim will survive. The spirit takes Scrooge into the future, where he sees his own grave, learns of Tiny Tim, the beloved son of Bob Cratchit, has died.

5. Describe the Cratchit household – in detail, using quotes.

6. Is the purpose of portraying the Cratchit family in this way? Do you think Dickens is making some kind of political point about the condition of the poor in Victorian society? If so, what is it?

7. Why does the ghost eventually grow old and disappear and what is symbolic about the children under his robes?

Whilst scrooge is having a good time at Fred’s party the ghost grows older as the night goes by. The ghost shows scrooge a pair of starving children who travel everywhere with him beneath his...

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