Christmas Charols

Christmas Charols

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How does Charles Dickens make his Philanthropic message clear using the character of Scrooge in the novella “A Christmas Carol”
A philanthropist is a person who gives charity and goodwill to fellowmen in an active effort to promote welfare and to care for the less fortunate. Bill Gates is an example to a philanthropist because he gives huge amounts to charity to cure diseases. Charles Dickens is a philanthropist because in the novella “A Christmas Carol” he shows that Mr. Scrooge is a greedy character everyone fears.

The narrator’s tone is a bit angry at the beginning of the novella because Marley was dead. The narrator seemed quite interested about what was going on. I think the reader must have thought that the story will be about murders. Lots of action in the book because it starts with Marley was dead. The title of the play is “A Christmas Carol” and it starts with a person dead it makes you think Christmas is a time for happiness and joy but here a person is dead.

Scrooge is a selfish character who hates Christmas, Doesn’t celebrate Christmas. He is against celebration. He is against celebration because when he was younger he was left alone in his boarding school. While all the other kids who were at home because there parents love them but with Scrooge it’s different. Scrooge’s father blames him for his mother’s death who died while giving birth to Scrooge. Scrooge had a sister who gave birth to Fred and also died while giving birth. No one talks to him because he doesn’t want to talk to anyone he keeps with himself to himself because while he was younger he had no one to talk to so I think he got used to being alone that now he doesn’t want to change. So he is interested in himself and his business. He is very harsh on his employee. He has a small fire and his employee has a even smaller fire which is one coal.

Scrooge is less selfish because he looks back at his Christmas past and sees how he has missed...

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