Christmas Story

Christmas Story

There once was elf named Fred that loved playing pranks. He would come up with biggest and best pranks ever to be done in the North Pole. People enjoyed the pranks, well only the funny ones but Fred sometimes liked to pull mean pranks to laugh at people.
Fred worked the same job every day in the same part of the factory doing the same thing. He was in charge of putting the wheels on the toy trucks Santa delivered every year. Fred loved his job, but not as much as he liked playing pranks.

One day Fred was thinking of the ultimate prank to play on the other elf’s working near him. He wanted to get them good and cause a big laugh. Fred decided to make them think the stuffing machine to stuff the bears was broken! He yelled at the top of his lungs, “Help! The stuffing machine stopped! Stuffing is flying everywhere!”
All the nearby elves ran to the machine to see nothing was wrong, everything was just fine. Fred busted into laughter while all of the other elf’s got angry with him. They all decided to just go back to work and continue to make toys.

The next day Fred pulled the prank again! This time the elves were getting more and more upset with Fred and his pranks. He was interrupting their work for no reason than to pull a mean prank! For the next 2 days Fred continued the prank which caused the elf’s to get angrier and angrier with Fred.
Finally, Fred gave up. He was on to his next ideas for pranks. He had to top that ultimate prank though! As Fred worked and worked and brainstormed and brainstormed all day, he noticed how none of the elves would talk to him. They’d all just walk by with a friendly smile but no one asked Fred how his day was or how his cars were coming.

The big day was coming up, Christmas Eve. The elf’s had only 2 more days to finish the toys before Santa would deliver them all to the children. As Fred continued to put the wheels on the toy cars, he noticed a red light flashing on the stuffing machine. All the sudden...

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