Set in the fanatical land based on Welsh mythology, The Chronicles of Prydain is a visual exploration of the exuberantly fascinating landscapes and utopian like society where people live following the code of loyalty, respect and peace. However, in the contrary, the irony is that there is an ongoing war and the land of Prydain is in threat of getting conquered by the evils. A hero is needed.

This is a story of Taran, a young assistant pig keeper, who dreams to become a warrior and save his land. As this story has high potential to gain popularity among young audiences (as witnessed by similar films like The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Porter series), it can also attract to older viewers since the epic journey of Taran from his adolescent to manhood consists of universally accepted themes of love, friendship, hope and bravery. Some of the other comparable movies are The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series.

Taran, unsatisfied by his job as an assistant pig keeper, wants to become a warrior. He is raised by Dallben, 379 years old wise man. Taran takes care of Hen Wen, a pig who has power to reveal hidden information.

Horned King (warlord of the antagonist, Arwan Death-Lord) kidnaps Hen Wen and forces her to reveal the location of the black cauldron. Through black cauldron, Arwan can create a zombie army and destroy everyone else.

In the process of rescuing Hen Wen, Taran meets and starts to have romantic bond with princess Eilonwy. He also creates strong friendship with Gurgi ( a cross between man and a beast) and Doli (a midget with some magical powers).

Taran finds a magical sword.

After rescuing Hen Wen, Taran and his team continue their adventure to fight against Arwan. During this Journey, Taran and his companions evolve from youth to maturity.

Finally, Taran and his team join Prydains to defeat Arwan.