Chronological Essay

Chronological Essay

Furkan Şahin

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Chronological Essay

The Automobile

Along the history men’s needs always cause new inventions. As the time pass

coaches were no longer useful for men and first bicycle was made. After two wheel

three wheel one came rapidly. The use of machines broadened with the industrial

revolution. Machines working with steam were applied to cars. The first stream car

was produced at 1770. After this progress the first step of the invention of car was


As a result of accelerating studies the first motorized vehicle was made by

German Karl Benz at 1885.It was look like a two-seater bicycle. After this result

studies was run up and the invention of the first classic car did not delayed. French

Rene Levassor invented the first classic car. At that times these machines were so

strange for peoples so one people was walking in front of the car and open it a road.

Now the aim was to produce cars which are more powerful more speedy and

more deluxe. Each car produced has superior specialities according to previous


When we came to the 1900s from now on cars started to pleasure people. Firstly

cars wrapped different colors considering that they were only black previously. With

the 1960s very big cars started to produced as if they were the icon of power and

wealth. At the same time security and environmental factors became more important

for people. Then mechanical developments provided higher speed, better handling,

efficient braking and better accelerating. At the end as a result in many countries set

up speed limits.

Finally, the heating and cooling systems, seatbelts, airbags and many other

equipments convenient with today’s technology which were added on personally in

the past became standard installation in our cars today. Actually this is showing us

the endlessly...

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