Chula: a Combination of Antiqueness and Modernity

Chula: a Combination of Antiqueness and Modernity

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Miss Palirat Buatoom (Pla)

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Chula : a combination of antiqueness and modernity

What is the top ranked university of Thailand? Which university is located among the luxury department stores in the capital city of Bangkok? Certainly, the answer is “Chulalongkorn University”, the first institution of higher learning in Thailand. Chulalongkorn University always produces the notable person who are standing on the front-line in Thai society ,such as Prime ministers ,leaders of the Political Partys, Singers , S.E.A. Write Award’s writers and so on. Many members of Thai Roya Family used to study here as well. Accordingly, most students select this university as the first ranked for admission, because its eminence and urban life around the campus.

I often make appointments with my friend who is a Chula student and will be a veterian in the future. His name is Tah. Every time that we meet face to face, he always boast loudly that his university is number one or Chula is the best. This annoys me so much. One day, while we are waiting for “ Butterscotch Sundae”, he burst out saying “ Pla, I’m gonna take you inside my Chula so that you’ll understand why I’m proud of it”. I suddenly refused that , but he was pestering me all the time. However, I approved it later.

After leaving Haagan Dazs, he led me by the hand directly toward the bus terminal ,and said “ we’re gonna go to the main area of Chulalongkorn University which located in the east of Payathai Road. Then the bus arrived. While doing nothing in the bus, he put down Chula’s brief history pocket book on my lap and said “ Read it”. Therefore, I turned over to the background of the front page which stated that “ Chulalongkorn University is the oldest university in Thailand and has been considered one of the country’s most renowned universities. It has eighteen...

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