Ciely: Iskolar ng Bayan

Ciely: Iskolar ng Bayan

Making of the Legacy

Everything starts with a step. The question is, “Who will be the first?” The world we live in today would never be a place of enjoyment, comfort, development and safety if it weren’t for the pioneers. We cannot take flight if it weren’t for the Wright brothers or the idea of successfully travelling beyond Earth would not be born if Apollo 11 did not exist. Pioneering is not necessarily an act that must be acknowledged by the whole world because all of us can be pioneers in our own different adventures in life. and In my journey, becoming the first Iskolar ng Bayan in my family would be the first step.

My family has ventured out the life of being a ‘growling tiger’, ‘green archer’ and ‘blue eagle’ but none for the ‘fighting maroons’. In my seventeen years of existence, my train of thought would always be everything but UP. I grew up thinking that I couldn’t qualify to this promising university simply because no one in my family passed. Amidst the expectation of failing the entrance test, I still gave it a shot. Four months later, I was dumbfounded seeing my whole name aligned with my dream course on the UP website. I had to refresh the page several times thinking that the website editors might have messed up and included my name by accident. It was obviously not a mishap and I slowly realized that in three months I would be changing my Twitter bio to “Iskolar ng Bayan”.

As the number of months before the first day of classes decreased, the more I panicked. I fretted that I was so clueless with the world I’m about to set foot in. I hardly knew how to cross the street let alone to commute my way within UP. I’ll be living out a couple of hours of independence, which I really am not comfortable with. Of all the problems I thought of, the greatest trouble I had was accepting the fact and pressure that being an Iskolar ng Bayan was not only a gift but also a great responsibility.


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