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Diego Aguirre
Science and Technology

In the story of Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Victor experiments with the creation of life. Even though his intentions were good, his creation caused many problems, and in the end, he lost everything. The ideas we have today about science and technology are like Victors, they are conducted for good intentions, but they are still very dangerous, and they need limits put upon them. Both Victor and many scientists today have performed thousands of experiments that has caused many mistakes and disasters. Both Victor and scientists today need to be careful with what they do, and must to put necessary limits on what they can do.

In the story Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein becomes very interested with the creation of life. After his mother passes, he becomes insanely obsessed with science, and even more obsessed towards life and the creation of a being. Victor creates a creature he thought would be beautiful and wonderful, but was very wrong. This creature, or monster as many called him, was very ugly and even more evil than they thought. The monster went on a rampage, killing many people, most of which were Victor’s friends and family. The monster had a horrible view of the world around him. Victor’s creation had caused many problems and should never have been released to the world or even have been created.

Scientific research shouldn’t not be conducted, but should have many necessary limits on what can be done in the experimental research. For example stem cell research, although it was made to be a good thing to help people, turns out to actually be bad and can harm them. Stem cell research can cause life long effects like writhing, muscle spasms, and twitches. Stem cell research can also cause tumors from the rapid growth of bones when chemicals are injected. When you get involved with this type of research you could come across a life long use of drugs to help you get through the process and pain....