Cim 1410

Cim 1410

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Middle Tennessee State University

Department of Concrete Industry Management

Course Syllabus

CIM 1010 Introduction to the Concrete Industry

Instructor: Dr. Heather J. Brown
Office: VET 114a

Phone: 615-904-8060


Office Hours:
M/W/F 9-11 AM; 1-3 PM
T/R 1-3 PM

Lecture: MC 104

Course Materials:
Text: Handouts, web searches and other supplemental materials.

Course Description:
CM 1010 provides an overview of the history, career opportunities, job functions, professional organizations and contacts in the concrete industry. Students will be introduced to the Concrete Industry Management curriculum, its instructional expectations and methodologies.

Course Objectives:
After successful completion of this course, the student should have a solid understanding of the objectives of the Concrete Industry Management program. Additionally, the student should have a broad grasp of the concrete industry. The students should understand what concrete is and some of the typical applications of concrete in construction. Finally, the student should be aware of potential internship opportunities during his or her course of study, and career opportunities available upon graduation.

Topics will include:
( introduction to the concrete industry
( objectives of the CIM program
( history of the concrete industry
( cement, aggregates and concrete
( applications of concrete in construction
( opportunities available for CIM students and graduates
( associated topics

CPU Usage:
▪ Word processing will be required.
▪ Web searches will be required.
▪ Use of D2L drop boxes will be required.

Final Exam (Résumé) 1 @ 100 pts. 100
Applications research 12 @ 20 pts. 240
Attendance (Please see note below) 100 pts. 100
Speaker reviews (due within 1 week of the presentation) 10 @ 20 pts. 200
*Social Attendance 5% of grade 30

* One CIM...

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