Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man

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Looking for the Lost Shoe

If I would have to mention someone with a lot of courage and grit, I would mention James J. Braddock, best known as Cinderella Man because he was hit with a streak of losses in his fights and by the Depression. With little work available, lots of bills to pay, and a wife and three children to support, he found himself in a very difficult situation that he hopefully face. But to fight against it he had to do many hard things; he told us them in the exclusive interview we had yesterday, after his glorious victory against Max Baer.

‘What was the most difficult thing you had to face?’ I asked. He told me that almost everything he passed after he broke his hand was hard. He had to work in several menial jobs in order to support his family; there he didn’t earn too much money that is why he had many fights with Mae, his wife. They didn’t had enough money to pay all the bills they had nor for taking care of their children. ‘That was a very difficult moment for my family’ he told me. But luckily, one day there was a last minute cancellation by another boxer, so Joe called him and told him he had a second chance to shine on the ring. The problem was that the fight was against the number two contender of the world, so Braddock was an underdog. For the surprise of everyone he won the fight, this made him the hope and aspiration of the American public.

After winning the title of heavyweight champion of the world, he decided to use his fame in favor of the homeless and the persons who were suffering the Depression. He also bought a little house

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