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4DEP Activity A

Saud Abu Haimed

It stands for Continuous Professional Development is the learning and development that is undertaken to contribute to being effective successful in a particular profession. It gives the individuals the ability to:
Gain more professional credibility and competitive advantage through non-stop reflection and progress tracking.
Acquire new skills and becoming more self-reliant and confident.
Remain motivated, expand knowledge to becoming more open to "best practice" e.g. increasing professional competence.
Meet career targets and lifelong learning.

Three professional areas in an assessment of development within HR areas have been considered as follows:

Strategies, Insights and Solutions:
Makes sure individuals has the knowledge of their organisation and it different functions
Practice leadership on a regular basis and strives for feedback from managers.
Encourage a non-stop learning, through reading publications relating to the industry to expand commercial awareness.
Understanding and fosters change within the organization.  

Leadership and Managing the Human Resources function:
Leads and manages a team that is responsible of the delivery process which is in line with the organization needs.
Gives the needed support to the HR department by training, HR plan and monitoring.
  Makes sure that HR personnel have clear knowledge of the organisation through encouraging reading of case studies of the business and being involved with HR model planning.
Forms sustainable and influential working bonds to implement plans and deliver value.
Employee Relations:
Makes sure the relationship between the ogranisation and it personnel is managed efficiently, through having policies and procedures in accordance with current employment law and legislation.
Updates the knowledge and understaning of the health and safety "H&s" policies and compliance requirements.
Facilitates and manages...

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