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XXX and ZZZ are two of the biggest companies competing in the relatively new online gambling industry. Both are run by largely British management teams and are headquartered in Gibraltar where most of their staff are employed.

The industry has grown five fold over the past ten years and is now estimated to be worth around $US 15 million worldwide. These two companies between them, enjoy around half of the market at present, having grown very rapidly in the last few years.
They are based in Gibraltar for two reasons. First, because online gambling is legal and regulated in the territory, and secondly because tax is virtually nil provided no services are provided to Gibraltarians.

Both companies operate dozens of websites and are continually developing their offerings technically in order to retain existing users and attract new ones. Their reach is international, but a significant proportion are based in the USA where online gambling is currently illegal, meaning that the companies face little competition from US-based rivals.

Both XXX and ZZZ have recently appointed HR Directors for the first time. Hitherto they simply operated recruitment and payroll departments to carry out administrative roles. They have few HR policies in place and have traditionally operated a pretty relaxed and informal management style. Little investment has been made in organisational or employee development.

The two headquarters offices in Gibraltar employ around 200 people each, mainly in call-centre type roles taking calls about technical difficulties, rules of games and other customer support matters. There is a need for all these employees to speak English and at least one other language fluently.

Staff turnover is the biggest current problem. The people required are quite highly skilled, but the jobs are not hugely exciting. Moreover, living in Gibraltar doesn't suit everyone. Living standards are high because taxes are low and pay high, and the climate is lovely....

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