CIS 110 Week 11 Final Exam Solutions

CIS 110 Week 11 Final Exam Solutions

CIS 110 Week 11 Final Exam Solutions

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CIS 110 Week 11 Final Exam Solutions

• Question 1

You can use the UML’s ____ to construct different kinds of software diagrams and model different kinds of systems.

• Question 2

You use a(n) ____ variation when a use case is less specific than others, and you want to be able to substitute the more specific case for a general one.

• Question 3

You use a(n) ____ variation when a case can be part of multiple use cases.

• Question 4

When system developers omit parts of diagrams for clarity, they refer to the missing parts as ____.

• Question 5

A(n) ____ relationship describes an association in which one or more classes make up the parts of a larger whole class.

• Question 6

Within an event-driven program, a component from which an event is generated is the ____.

• Question 7

Performing an operation on an icon causes a(n) ____.

• Question 8

A ____ is a rectangular object you can click; when you do, its appearance usually changes to look pressed.

• Question 9

Dimming a component is also called ____ the component.

• Question 10

When you use a menu bar, it is at the top of the screen in most GUI programs, and the first menu item is almost always ____.

• Question 11

Array elements all have the same ____ in common.

• Question 12

In all languages, subscript values must be sequential ____.

• Question 13

All array elements have the same group ____.

• Question 14

Besides making your code easier to modify, using a ____...

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