CIS 206 iLab 5 Using the Vim Editor

CIS 206 iLab 5 Using the Vim Editor

CIS 206 iLab 5 Using the Vim Editor
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Lab #: 5

Lab Title: Using the Vim Editor

Student Name:


Prepare this Lab Report when you have completed and lab assignment. Include any charts, graphs required to complete the lab. Refer to your initial lab plan to respond to the first questions.

1. Define the problem you were solving in this lab. (If any)
This weeks iLab was instructing us on how to create files, enter and edit lines of text, search for text strings, replace text strings, and create a script file to work with directories and files.

2. What challenges did you meet in working towards completing the Lab?
One challenge I faced was in Step 4. I was instructed in the video tutorial to Highlight the text “Hello World” and press the ‘N’ key to make that text highlighted. When I pressed ‘N’ I received a “Pattern Not Found: 640” error message. This is shown in the third Screenshot of Step 4 pasted below. I also initially had trouble with Step 6 Part A, changing “bit” to “five”.

3. Were you successful in solving the problem? Did you use methods you learned in class? If yes, explain your solution, if no, explain the solution you did use. Please be specific, and provide a detailed description of your solution.
For Step 4 I did not see this instruction in Activity 6-3 of our book, so I just skipped it for the time being. For Step 6 Part A, I realized my cursor wasn’t on the first line. J

4. What questions related to this lab still remain for you?
I suppose the only question that remains is the Highlighting text part, where I was instructed to press ‘N’ but received an error.

5. Please...

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