CIS 246 week_8 final exam

CIS 246 week_8 final exam

CIS 246 week_8 final exam
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Time Spent: 21 min , 37 secs
Points Received: 115 / 145 (79.3%)
Question Type: # Of Questions: # Correct:
Multiple Choice 18 16
Short 2 N/A
Essay 2 N/A
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Question 1. Question :
(TCO 2) The _____ is a specialized United Nations agency that regulates international telecommunications, including radio and TV frequencies, satellite and telephony specifications, networking infrastructure, and tariffs applied to global communications.


Question 2. Question :
(TCO 12) When using an analog telephone, a VoIP adapter that performs analog-to-digital conversion is known as a(n) _____.

VTA (voice telephone adapter)
ATA (analog telephone adapter)
DTA (digital telephone adapter)
DTA (data telephone adapter)

Question 3. Question :
(TCO 5) At the customer’s demarcation point, either inside or outside the building, T-carrier wire pairs terminate with a _____.

terminal adapter
smart jack

Question 4. Question :
(TCO 1) _____ is the means through which data is transmitted and received.

Question 5. Question :
(TCO 12) _____ messaging is a service that makes several forms of communication available from a single user interface.

Question 6. Question :
(TCO 12) _____ is the use of one network to simultaneously carry voice, video, and data communications.

Question 7. Question :
(TCO 5) The portion of the PSTN that connects any residence or business to the nearest CO is known as the _____.

Question 8. Question :
(TCO 2) The top, or seventh, layer of the OSI model is the _____ layer.

Question 9. Question :
(TCO 6) _____ software searches a node for open ports.

Question 10. Question :
(TCO 6) A program that disguises itself as something useful but actually...

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