CIS 339 Devry Course Tutorial/Uophelp

CIS 339 Devry Course Tutorial/Uophelp

CIS 339 Entire Course (Devry)
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CIS 339 iLab 1 System Requirements
CIS/339 iLab 2 of 7
CIS 339 iLab 3 - Structural Modeling - Class Diagram and CRCs
CIS 339 iLab 4 - Sequence, Communication, and State Diagrams
CIS 339 iLab 5 - Package Diagrams
CIS 339 iLab 6 - CRCs, Contracts, and Method Specifications
CIS 339 iLab 7 - Object-Oriented Application Coding


CIS 339 iLab 1 System Requirements (Devry)

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L A B O V E R V I E W Scenario and Summary
You have been hired by the School of Prosperity (SoP) as a software architect to help the school plan, design, and implement a new online system called the Student Records System (SRS).

CIS 339 iLab 2 of 7 (Devry)
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Use Case Diagram and Use Case Description
Work has already started on the planning phase of the Student Record System (SRS) for the School of Prosperity (Sop) and everyone is excited about this new system.
As the software architect of this project, you met with many users and stakeholders of the old system to determine the requirements of the new Internet-accessible SRS software system. Your meetings and requirement-gathering efforts resulted in an SRS Requirement Definition document that summarizes all of the requirements of the project.
One of your development team members was excited about this project and wanted to start working on it immediately. She therefore took the initiative and created a high-level business process activity diagram for the SRS system. You reviewed the activity diagram and found it to be a good foundation from which to create the SRS use case diagram and the SRS use case descriptions.
There is still work to be done to complete the Functional...

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