CIS 4203 Forensics Discussion 1 - Overview of Evidence

CIS 4203 Forensics Discussion 1 - Overview of Evidence

Discussion 1 - Overview of Evidence

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Determine the appropriate digital forensic analysis technique for a given

Assignment Requirements
Review the information in the text sheet entitled “Overview of Evidence and
Digital Forensic Analysis Techniques,

” which describes different types of

digital forensic analysis techniques, such as disk forensics and e-mail forensics.
Based on the information in the text sheet and in your assigned reading for this
week, discuss the following scenarios and determine which type of forensic
analysis technique(s) should be used, and why:

1. The Federal Trade Commission disclosed a law suit against unknown credit
card fraudsters. Over 15 companies were being run by "money mules,"
people who transfer stolen goods or money from one country to another. The
money mules were recruited via a spam e-mail message.
2. A hacker broke into the primary Web server of a major e-commerce Web site
and planted a logic bomb that would cause a Web server to power down. It
was programmed to go off at noon the day after Thanksgiving, at the height of
the holiday shopping season. Security employees at the e-commerce
company were alerted to the possibility of the logic bomb but hadn’t yet
located it.
3. Company Techs had been experiencing fierce competition with a rival firm.
The rival firm was consistently offering new software products to customers
ahead of Company Techs and the software was almost identical to Company
Techs’ pre-release products. Company Techs’ network was highly secure but

managers suspected that an internal employee was sharing confidential
development plans and code.

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