CIS 499 Project 1-6

CIS 499 Project 1-6

CIS 499 Project 1-6

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Assignment 1: IT Project
Management Assessment

Eustace Langley

CIS 517


Facilitator: Dr. Darcel

Strayer University

IT Project Management


In 1990, the National Academy of Sciences recommended that the
Department of Energy (DOE) build a laser capable of simulating thermonuclear
conditions, which would allow nuclear weapons scientists to evaluate nuclear
weapons’ behavior without testing. In
1993, DOE approved plans for the laser, now called the National Ignition
Facility (NIF), and in 1996, chose to build it at Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory in Livermore, California.
DOE’s goal is to produce intense pressures and temperatures that may,
for the first time, simulate in a laboratory the thermonuclear conditions
created in nuclear explosions. This
quest was to bring star power to earth by harnessing the power of nuclear
fusion as a source of energy. This NIF
project was approved in 1995.

The purpose of this monograph is to summarize an article on recent
recipients of the Project Management Institute’s Project of the Year Award. The
monograph will further discuss the role of the project manager or team, the
organizational setting, the recipient’s approach to project integration
management, and obstacles that had the potential of adversely impacting the
triple constraints (Strayer University Materials April, 2014)

Summary of how the project
manager or team exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices

Construction of the facility was a massive project that began in
1997. NIF was originally expected to
cost about $2.1 billion and completed in 2002.
In 1997, DOE approved a $100 million increase and delayed its completion

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