CIS 517 Midterm Exam Answers

CIS 517 Midterm Exam Answers

CIS 517 Midterm Exam Answers
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On a network diagram, all arrowheads should face toward the ____.

____ involves coordinating all planning efforts to create a consistent, coherent document.

____ tools track the execution of business process flows and expose how the state of supporting IT systems and resources is impacting end-to-end business process performance in real time.

____ involves defining and documenting the features and functions of the products produced during the project as well as the processes used for creating them.

The critical path is the ____ path through a network diagram, and it represents the ____ time it takes to complete a project.

A ____ can have many different job descriptions, which can vary tremendously based on the organization and the project.

____ is a planning process falling under the Project Scope Management knowledge area.

In the mathematical formula for determining the NPV, the variable n is ____.

Project ____ management is an overarching function that affects and is affected by all of the other knowledge areas.

The goal of ____ is to know the status of the schedule, influence the factors that cause schedule changes, determine that the schedule has changed, and manage changes...

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