cisco router

cisco router

IP Routing Protocol-Independent Commands

Use the commands in this chapter to configure and monitor the features that are routing protocol-independent. For configuration information and examples on IP routing protocol-independent features, refer to the "Configuring IP Routing Protocol-Independent Features" chapter of the Cisco IOS IP Configuration Guide.


To set the time period during which the authentication key on a key chain is received as valid, use the accept-lifetime key chain key configuration command. To revert to the default value, use the no form of this command.

accept-lifetime start-time {infinite | end-time | duration seconds}

no accept-lifetime [start-time {infinite | end-time | duration seconds}]

Syntax Description


Beginning time that the key specified by the key command is valid to be received. The syntax can be either of the following:

hh:mm:ss Month date year

hh:mm:ss date Month year




Month—first three letters of the month

date—date (1-31)

year—year (four digits)

The default start time and the earliest acceptable date is January 1, 1993.


Key is valid to be received from the start-time value on.


Key is valid to be received from the start-time value until the end-time value. The syntax is the same as that for the start-time value. The end-time value must be after the start-time value. The default end time is an infinite time period.

duration seconds

Length of time (in seconds) that the key is valid to be received.


Forever (the starting time is January 1, 1993, and ending time is infinite)

Command Modes

Key chain key configuration

Command History




This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Only DRP Agent,...

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