Cit +Pd Coursework

Cit +Pd Coursework


For our sponsored fast to be worthwhile we had to make sure that we wouldn’t get dehydrated as this would cause us to need to eat or be hospitalised. To avoid this happening we delegated the job of supplying drinks we decided that Julius would be the best for this job as he is very realisable and organised these qualities would be very useful as without them we could not be sure if we would be able to survive. This ha to be done earlier on in our planning as we had to organise which drinks would be best for hydrating us. Also we had to organise filming of the event to produce as evidence I was given this job as I have a film camera which can be easily downloaded onto a computer this means it would be easy to edit the footage. This was an easy job for me to do as I had the camera already sorted. The next task for us was to organise a place to stay we decided that it would be best for us to all stay in the same place this was so we could offer motivation to each other. We decided that the best place for this would be Callams house as it is relatively close to the school. We then had to see if Callams mum would take responsibility for use as we would be starving ourselves and putting our lives at risk.

Our activity relates well to citizenship as it showed we were committed to our cause. We decided to do the fast as it would recreate the problems faced by people in the wake of natural disasters. Also the choice of the charity shelter box required lots of money at the time as there had been an earthquake in Haiti. The charity event went well with our global village unit as it showed that we were willing to help the global village and it showed us as kind and compassionate citizens. They are also a local charity which means they are part of the Cornish community which we helped to help the wider global community. Community work is a key part of the citizenship course.

Year 11 worked well as a community. Working together as a community was better than...

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