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393 words essay on A Historical City – Delhi

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393 words essay on A Historical City – Delhi
by Smruti on JULY 12, 2011 in COLLEG E ESSAY WRITING

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393 words essay on A Historical City – Delh i. Delh i is a h istorical city. Man y
h istorical remn an ts are scattered all over th e city. Th ey h ave been th e silen t
spectators of th e rise an d fall of empires. It is proud to h ave n umerous world h eritage
sites. It is a cen tre of power. It is th e capital of our coun try.
Barrin g a few occasion s, Delh i h as all alon g en joyed a pride of place amon g th e major
cities. Durin g th e medieval period it was a big cen tre of power an d politics. Even
un der th e British , th e city en joyed th e same status. Th e arch aeological mon umen ts,
buildin gs, museums an d min arets are reflection s of its glorious past. Th e buildin gs,
roads, etc. n amed after emin en t person ality’s n eon ate th e importan ce th at th e city
en joyed in th e past.

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413 Wo r d s Essay o n M y Aim in Life
Sh o r t Essay o n Wo me n ’s Ed u catio n
in In d ia

In th e an cien t times th e city was kn own as In draprasth a. It rose to power an d
emin en ce. Th e rulers wh o came to power made mon umen ts, buildin gs, temples,
mosques, tombs, ch urch es, palaces, etc. Th ey serve as great source of in formation on
social, political, religious, econ omic an d cultural life of con temporary society. Th ey
con tain great arch itectural beauty, h istorical value an d tremen dous visual deligh t.
Th ey offer great attraction to th e tourists—from with in an d outside th e coun try.
Th ey are good source of foreign exch an ge earn in gs.
In Delh i, th ere are Lai Quila, Jama Masjid, Qutub...

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