City Under Threat

City Under Threat

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The Mumbai terror attacks of 26th November 2008 have gone down in history as one of the worst terrorist attacks in the world ever. Innocent souls lost their lives due to the aggression of a few people hell bent on creating fear among peaceful citizens of a friendly country like India. Needless to say that it has shaken the very roots of the Indian administration. The entire country has gone into mourning and has rendered prayers for its unlucky victims. Everyone is facing the same fear . When and where will the terrorists strike again ? Nobody knows and the entire country is living with unanswered questions. Allahabad is no different !

What if a situation like this created in Allahabad ? Is Allahabad well equipped to deal with a terror attack ? As the District Magistrate , Rajeev Agarwal avers, “ We have definitely made efforts to secure Allahabad from a terror attack. Security has been beefed up especially at the airport and the railway station. The best part is that people are cooperating with the authorities. They don’t fuss and patiently go through multiple security checks at public places. It’s a great relief that people realize that all this is being done for their own security and well being. Various security agencies are working together to avoid any miscreants entering our city .” The next thing that comes to one’s mind is whether the state government will be able to cope up with the casualties ? Chief Medical Officer for Allahabad reveals, “ We have two hospitals of district level under my control. They are the MLN and TB Sapru Hospitals. We will have to take help from Swaroop Rani Hospital incase of multiple casualties. Overall we have six ambulances to carry victims incase of a mishap. Two ambulances are under me directly whereas each hospital has a couple of ambulances individually at their disposal. This is definitely not enough . We have no...

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