Civilian Career Outlook

Civilian Career Outlook

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Dear Professor:
Following, you will find a report on the current state of career opportunities, in the civilian world, for airman with a Client Systems background. I hope you’ll find the following information insightful. Much of the information found in this report impacted my choice to continue my education with Thomas Edison State College in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology.

The closest equivalent to Client Systems is Computer, ATM and office machine repair. People in this career enjoy a fairly nice work environment. There are jobs available that will support newcomers to the field for years to come. The pay, while not extraordinary, is sufficient for most computer technicians to live a fairly comfortable life.

I have included what I could to make a fair comparison of the Client Systems and Computer repair career fields.


Civilian Career Outlook for Client Systems Technicians
Client Systems Technicians leaving the Air Force to join the civilian work force face unique challenges. Along with those challenges, our educational background and experience put us in a position where we can choose a number of career paths. Unfortunately, the majority of us leave the military without education and/or certifications relevant to the positions we held in the military. As such, a number of us have to take a step down; earning less than what our experience would suggest we could. If we play it smart though, we can easily make a place for ourselves in the private sector. Following is what can be expected from a Client Systems Technician, what it takes to be one and the salary one can expect when moving into the private sector.
Table of Contents
2) Education and Training
3) Duties/Responsibilities
4) Salary
5) Advancement Opportunities
6) Conclusion
6) References
The career field, Client Systems, was established on November 1, 2009. The technicians you’ll find...

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