CJ 340: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics

CJ 340: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics

Unit 8 Essay

CJ 340: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics

Prof: Lance Oakland

George Johnson


Identify and describe ways that terrorism has impacted the police mission in the U.S.?

In my opinion terrorism has had a great impact on how police officers work and carry out role and the mission in this country. The mission use to be to protect and serve and it still is it is just that now they have taken on more responsibility. On September Eleventh police officers role changed and shifted. Let’s take a look at some examples of this they have now taken the role of a security services. They now have to make themselves available during certain public events such as concert or provide safe passage for a very high profile people. They have to now do and perform thing as share more data with other agencies and giving them accesses to certain sensitive information. Since the 9/11 attacks each government agencies has experienced difficulty at all these points. This then effects and influences our individual liberties.Terrorism has impacted policing in such a profound way that it has interrupted the way Law enforcement agencies mission work is run.During the 9/11 attacks many things have changed such as using and utilizing every possible and avalibale resouces that has been provided to the different government branches of operation.In each of these agencies they have to know and be aware of each protocol and how to carry it...

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