Class Management

Class Management

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In the past the teaching was easier for the teacher, because the number of the students was smaller and the students like to learn something new. These days the teaching and the class management is more difficult for the teacher, because the students are more difficult. In this report we can find the new ways to control the classroom.

Class Management

We used to call it simply “discipline”, but there is more to it than simple control, even if that is the bottom line.

Only recently has the professional literature deigned to take seriously the problems of class management, partly because the of the decline of “respect” for positional authority which characterizes our time, (for better or for worse), and partly out of a recognition that discipline problems are not simply a function of the moral inadequacy of the teacher.

Classroom Set-Up

It is typical for classrooms to be set up in rows, or lately, in groups of 3-4 tables for easier cooperative learning. However, there are fundamental problems for each:

1. In rows. Studies have shown that the further back you go discipline problems there are.
2. In groups. The opposite is true, students are over stimulated by the peers that are now not only next to him / her, but across the table! There is now MORE to distract the students.
3. An alternative is to arrange the chairs / tables into a three-sided “box” shape. In this fashion EVERY STUDENT IS IN THE FIRST ROW. The result: greater attention and fewer discipline problems., the more

Guidelines for Good Classroom
Management Practice

Maintaining good order in classrooms is one of the most difficult tasks facing young inexperienced teachers. The task has become more difficult over the past few decades of the changes have led to greater self-confidence in students.

Many disruptive behaviors in the classroom can be alleviated before they become serious discipline problems. Such behaviors can be reduced by the teacher’s ability...

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