Classical Conditioning Paper

Classical Conditioning Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning

Molly Chhansra

University of Phoenix

June 26, 2010

Classical conditioning was introduced by a Russian scientist name Ivan Pavlov. Palvov was famous for his work in describing the psychological phenomenon that was known as a “conditioned response”. He also made several more important discoveries in physiology but the most popular and famous research that he had ever done was to teach dogs to starts to salivate in response to the sound of a bell. In this experiment he started by measuring the salivation from the dogs in response to food, then later every time he bring food to the dogs, he would rang a bell, and continues to document the salivary response, at the end just by ringing the bell alone, the dogs begin to salivate. Because of this experiment, theory of conditioned response began.

Classical conditioning also known as the Pavlovian conditioning is a method used in changing, or learning behavior in which a neutral stimulus becomes a conditional stimulus able to provoke a given response after being expose repeatedly with an unconditional stimulus, eventually, prior neutral stimulus can elicit a response when the natural stimulus is absent. Elements used to activate a response are known as the conditioned stimulus and the response is known as the conditioned response.

Selected scenario in which I would apply classical conditioning theory: I became severely sick from the smell of my husband’s cologne after I became pregnant.

Before I became pregnant, I used to love the smell of my husband’s cologne. He put it on every day and I am so used to his smell that even when he is not around, smelling the cologne reminds me of him. Every time my husband would walked by me, the smell of his cologne made me happy, even when I am out in public somebody else can be wearing the same cologne as soon as I smelled it his face would pop-up in my mind. However, one- day out of the blue...

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