About my Classmates

They always bullying me and make me shamed in front of the others. They make fun of me when I do something wrong or didn’t understand what I’m doing. When they do something really bad and I’m with them they make me the one who did those messed. They always tripped me and fall in hard things. They always hit my book and kick it. They getting my money and can’t buy any foods and I feel hungry. When there’s a play and I’m a player they don’t like me to play. And sometimes they treat me like they’re my friends because I was honored by someone to make them like they helped me.

Sometimes when I have a question and I ask them they roll their eyes and turn away. When I sit in their sit they move away. They said they will make party and they said I can go because his mother told me but they truly don’t want me. They always treat me because of their mother. When they met someone special guy and he ask what my name is and they said he’s nobody. When were in the library and someone said quiet they said it’s him.

Sometimes when I been selected in the game and I lost they will say you’re such a loser and I feel badly. When I got a new shoe they’re going to say “where did you get it, trash can?” and I truly feel badly. When someone said she likes me she going to say eeeeew!!!. When I pretend to be cool they going to talk about me and make my things messed up. Sometimes they make my ears hurt because they want me to hear it. Sometimes they make a nickname on me “Loser”. When my birthday is coming up they going said happy birthday weirdo. Sometimes they are using my pen without permission.

I have a true friend and sometimes when someone talks to them while I’m talking they’re talking about to play without me and leave me alone. And when bad something happen to me they’re not asking me “are you alright?” And right now someone tripped me and he said that I’m going to kick his leg and I didn’t think...