Clean Tech 1366

Clean Tech 1366

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1366 Technologies

Solar Cell Market
• Wafer or silicone solar cells represent the building blocks of solar panels. • Two types: Crystalline and Thin-Film Cell • 250 Solar Cell Manufacturers • Government as fund raiser in this immature industry

1366’s History
1. Established in 2007 with co-founder Emanuel Michael Sach (Ely) and Franciscus Johannes Antonius Van Mierlo (Frank). 2. The name from watts of solar energy that hits each square meter of the surface of the earth. 3. Focused on Developing Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Cell. 4. Cheaper and Cleaner than coal-generated electricity.

PV Solar Cell
1. 2. 1. 2. 3. before 4 steps to build a solar cell: Ingot Casting, Blocking, Squaring, Sawing. Dispose 50% material. after 3 days 25 seconds Consume 90% less energy Praise from Steven Chu (US Minister of Energy Department)

Sumber dana yang cukup besar Situasi Politik

• R&D • Produksi

Resesi 2008

Perusahaan Baru

Capital Venture yang batal menanamkan modal Menentukan Business Model yang tepat

Kompetitor dari Cina

Solar Cell Equipment Supplier

Solar Cell Manufacturer


Investasi awal yang tidak terlalu besar Tingkat pertumbuhan permintaan yang tinggi


Lost of Intellectual Property Lost of opportunity in solar cell market Strategic Partner turn into competitor

Finacing Options

Modal sendiri dengan bantuan pemerintah atau Capital Venture Progress Payment Provider of turnkey cell-manufacturing lines Strategic Partner

+ -

Prediksi kenaikan sales dan Net Income yang signifikan di tahun-tahun mendatang Solar cell yang diproduksi
High efficiency Low Cost US$2/watt solar installations

Modal awal yang dibutuhkan besar yaitu US$75 juta Bantuan pemerintah yang terkait dengan situasi politik dan ekonomi dunia

Lokasi Pabrik

Amerika Serikat Asia

+ High Intellectual Property Protection + Government Loan and low interest - High Operational Cost + Low Operational Cost - Low Intellectual Property Protection...

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