When Clementine got to school one the morning her teacher said, “Class I have some exciting news we are having a talent show, each grade is doing something different!” Everyone was so happy that they couldn’t stop talking about it! When Clementine heard of it she blew up, ’’We are having a talent show! Time please fly by.”


On Monday, Clementine went to school and her teacher said, ”Class the person who did the best at the talent show was, Clementine!” Everyone thought she deserved the prize. Clem was super happy, she chose as many people to have extra recess with her and guess who she chose, ”I chose everyone!” Of course everybody was happy!!!


They all got ready to go to the fancy dinner and Clem got to wear her favorite new shoes. She tried not to let anyone see them but one of the shoes were sticking out from the tablecloth. ”That food was delicious but we are one cent behind honey.” said her dad. ”Don’t worry dad I got a penny.” said Clem.


When school was finally over, Clementine went home and her older brother knew she was upset and asked, ”Hey Clem what’s wrong?” “I have a talent show and I don’t have any talent,” said Clementine. ”Well I bet there is a bright side somewhere.” replied her brother Mitchell. “Nope not for me.” Clementine said.


She went outside to talk with her dad but her dad is never really serious about anything. “Hey dad can I ask you a question?” Clementine asked. “Of course sweetheart.” her dad replied. “Remember when you were thinking about moving?” she asked. “We aren’t moving anymore.” said her dad. “Fine, do you think I have talent?” Clementine blurted out. He pointed out everything that was not noticeable and nothing that she could do on stage. She spent three days with her dad to find a talent that she could perform but it was no use....