Client briefing

Client briefing

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Client Briefing

Product: Smart series of Mercedes-Benz

1. Executive summary
In this briefing, there is a brief introduction of the product Smart, its market and relevant information for the agency to create a campaign to promote the product. It indicated the objective that the client want to achieve through this campaign.

2. Product introduction
Mercedes-Benz is a globally recognized company and one of the top ten most recognizable brands in the world and enjoys a reputation of prestige. The company markets its products to upper middle class and upper class people in all countries with remarkable success. The product in this project is the Smart series of Mercedes-Benz. This product is much smaller than the ordinary models and it is mainly focuses on the younger generation and especially women. The price of this product is very competitive and relatively lower than other Mercedes-Benz models.

3. Situation analysis
a. Demographic trends
In the recent years, there are more and more people have their private car around the world, especially in Asia. The majority are the younger generation, who are more concern about the environment and pursue a better qualify of life.
b. Historical context
Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer, a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG. It was found in 1886 and has 128 years history now.

c. Industry analysis
By using the Porter’s Five Forces Analyses, the analysis of automotive industry can be determined as below:
- Threat of new entrants
In the automotive industry, there are large amount of capital required. The economies of scale is relative large in comparing with other industries as the cost of each vehicle is pretty high. The brand image and reputation of all the existing automotive companies have been well established, which is hard for the new entrants to step into the industry. Although the suppliers and distributors can be accessed easily, the products are only...

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