climate change and its effect on Bangladesh

climate change and its effect on Bangladesh

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the result of greenhouse gases (GHGs), principally carbon dioxide, building up in our atmosphere and helping to trap heat. According to the vast majority of the world's scientists this has caused the climate to change globally.
Over the past two decades, the evidence that GHG is continuing to build-up as a result of human activities has become conclusive i.e. these changes have come about as a combined effect of increases in emissions, such as fossil fuel burning, and decrease in carbon sinks, such as reduced forest cover.

Top 10 Places Already Affected by Climate Change

The Gulf Coast
Northern Europe
Great Barrier Reef
Island nations
Washington, D.C
The Northwest Passage
The Alps

List of Countries Most Affected by Climate Change

Climate Risk Index

1. Bangladesh

2. Burma

3. Honduras

4. Vietnam

5. Nicaragua

6. Haiti

7. India

8. Dominican Republic

9. Philippines

10. China


Disadvantages of Global Warming

Ocean circulation disrupted, disrupting and having unknown effects on world climate.
Higher sea level leading to flooding of low-lying lands and deaths and disease from flood and evacuation.
Deserts get drier leaving to increased desertification.
Changes to agricultural production that can lead to food shortages.
Water shortages in already water-scarce areas.
Starvation, malnutrition, and increased deaths due to food and crop shortages.
More extreme weather and an increased frequency of severe and catastrophic storms.
Increased disease in humans and animals.
Increased deaths from heat waves.
Extinction of additional species of animals and plants.
Loss of animal and plant habitats.
Increased emigration of those from poorer or low-lying countries to wealthier or higher countries seeking better (or non-deadly) conditions....

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