Clinic Care

Clinic Care

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Demonstrating Indian technology at its forefront this division produces a range of bio-medical products. The range of products can be further categoried into:
1Cardio care system:
The tilting-disc heart valve which will be manufactured fpr the first time in India by TTK healthcare is probably the most significant of the company’s products. The technology for the heart valve was developed by sree chitra tirunal institute, Trivandrum.
2. Blood management system:
These include disposable blood bags, blood transfusion sets, blood transfusion microfilters and diagnostic kits.
3. Renal care systems:
Urine drainage systems, haemodialysers and disposable tubings.
4. Hospital accessories:
These include both hospital consumables and hospital durables like surgical gloves, examination gloves, disposable syringes and needles ,pressure beds, sterilizers and autoclaves.

Started in 1960, this division produces a wide range of medicines including antihypertensive, antiangina drugs, anticholinergics and natural calcium supplements. TTK healthcare also manufactures some of the most widely used antibiotics- ampicillin, amoxicillin and cloxacillin.

The Indian medicine division of TTK healthcare was established in 1975 with the objective of developing and marketing uique herbal formulations based on ancient ayruvedic system of medicine. Every herbal formulation undergoes based on ancient ayurvedic system of medicine. Every herbal formulation undergoes stringent analysis and clinical trials.

TTK healthcare started operations with woodward’s girpe water, a product established internationally for over years, first marketing it in 1948 and them starting its manufacture jin1961.

TTK healthcare produces a range of products for livestock and poultry such as antibiotics, vitamins feed supplements, etc. pet care products for household...

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