Clinker Crusher Hammer in Fote Machinery

Clinker Crusher Hammer in Fote Machinery

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The clinker crusher hammer produced by Fote Machinery adopts high temperature alloy materials mosaicked at the bottom of the hammer, so that improve the service life of hammer under the condition of high temperature. Therefore, the production capacity can be improved 3 times. It is no exaggeration to say that the “sandwich” in Fote Machinery is the best clinker crusher hammer in the market now.

The clinker crusher hammer developed by Fote Machinery adopted the advanced technology, such as vacuum casting, directional solidification technique. Therefore, the average wear resistance is 50% higher than the Mn13, so that can bear the materials with high abrasion. Compared with the similar products, it possesses the features of good comprehensive performance, higher reliability, strong abrasion and low cost. Besides, the low part of hammer is casted with alloy materials that are not afraid of high temperature, so that the hammer can crush almost all kinds of clinkers under high temperature, and the production can be reduced 3 times. Besides, the finished hammer will be shaped by the specialized technical personnel, with the result that the “Sandwich” has a considerable shape.

Specialize in producing all kinds of wear-resistant parts, such as jaw plate, grate plate, hammer and liner. Fote Machinery is a well-known company that has made a lot of achievements in the mining machinery industry. Various models of clinker crusher hammers processed by Fote Machinery have been successfully applied in some large cement plants, like Lafarge Cement Group, with the result that the quality of the products is stable and reliable.

Fote machines are renowned at home and abroad., we have a high quality, efficiency and quality service, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to come to consult the purchase of equipment to suit your needs, we will let you buy the rest assured with a pleasant.
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