clinker over-sintering in rotary kiln calcining zone

clinker over-sintering in rotary kiln calcining zone

Rotary kiln stable performance is vital for mining industries and enterprises profits,Toady we will analysis the possible reasons of clinker over-sintering in rotary kiln calcining zone.Great Wall company regards that is mainly due to following four factors:
1)The fuel(main coal)is too much, sintering temperature is too high.
2) low clinker KH and n value,the content of AI2O3 and Fe203 is a little high.
3) raw materials homogenization is not balanced,both chemical composition fluctuation and too fine granularity of raw materials can cause over-sintering easily.
4) kiln ash enter the rotary kiln directly,rotary kiln has too large instantaneous mixing proportion
of kiln ash .

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