Clipsal 500 and the Use of Tourism Sectors

Clipsal 500 and the Use of Tourism Sectors

The Clipsal 500 Adelaide

The Clipsal 500 is an event that takes place in the Adelaide region of South Australia and is the main highlight on the event calendar. The V8 super-car event is an adrenalin charged motor race held over 4 exciting days. This event brings in tourists from interstate as well as overseas, also many regional tourists go to the Clipsal 500. The four day occasion has contributed to the economy of South Australia as well the 8 sectors of tourism. The Clipsal has many impacts, both positive and negative on the environment, economy and social/cultural aspects of the event. The Clipsal 500 Adelaide is an ongoing event for the future which will bring in many more tourists and has economic importance.
The Clipsal 500 is a major tourist event which brings many interstate and international tourists, as well as the thousands of regional tourists. In 2008 the race crowd totalled 291,400 with approximately 14,599 interstate and international tourists, representing a 5% growth from 2007. The table below shows the increasing number of attendants each year of the Clipsal 500. An Aim has been made to reach the goal of 300,000 attendants in 2009.
The economic benefit and attendance of Clipsal 500 Adelaide
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Economic Benefit $13.7m $16.9m $14.3m $16.2m $19.7m $23.1m $26m $26.9m $30.1m $31.32m
Job Creation 250fte 275fte 290fte 260fte 320fte 340fte 360fte 380fte 408fte 410fte
Media Benefit $24.7m $30.47m $32.5m $35m $48.9m $54.3m $71.1m $80m $108m $114m
Event Attendance 162,000 164,000 166,800 171,200 213,600 237,400 255,600 270,300 276,900 291,400
(fte: full time equivalents) (1) info. From Adelaide Clipsal 500 website

As shown in the graph above the attendances has decreased. This is still an excellent result considering the current economic climate, especially as Australia is heading into a recession as seen as is the situation overseas.

Over a 10 year history of the Clipsal 500 a total...

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