Clocky the Runaway Alarm Clock

Clocky the Runaway Alarm Clock

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¿Cuáles son los desafíos de marketing que enfrenta Gauri Nanda? Cómo prioritizaría las más cruciales para llevar su producto al mercado?

In order to analyze the greatest marketing challenges which Gauri Nanda faces, one has to consider the weaknesses and threats in the current situation, which include the time and financial constraints and the media exposure she has already received.

First of all the product Clocky has only a short product life-cycle. Even though this we are considering the first incarnation being launched, we already have to plan the development, timing and positioning of the second Clocky generation, which then would include responding to consumer reaction, updating features and functionality. This short product life-cycle is due to the nature of her technological product and therefore can´t be redesigned.

Another problem will be that it is essential to recoup the start-up costs, since she needs to get a certain volume of sales with a certain profit margin per unit in order to achieve this. This can only be solved by choosing the pricing and distribution channels.

Furthermore Nanda will have difficulty communicating Clocky´s attributes and image, which is directly related to the choice of distribution channels. The choice is essentially related to the image, since it would make a huge difference if she chose “Home Shopping Networks” (with a 334% markup) compared to chosing BJ´s (109% markup). It will either communicate a high-end product or a product for the mass and if Nanda addresses this communication properly, the being a fad threat will be diminished significantly.

The greatest challenge of all will be the fact that there is a huge time lack related to the launching of her product. Not only does she now have a huge media interest, which can fade away quickly. So she needs to address the time frame of her launch quickly, in order to exploit the potential of this media attention. This is also connected to the dangers of...

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